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Recent News

NextCloud Decomissioned

Starting June 9th, NextCloud began sunsetting. We have integrated our backup service and cloud storage into one system to allow users to backup, sync and access files across their devices.

NextCloud has officially been decommissioned.

Users can download a copy of their NextCloud data using this tool.

New Email Security Policy

In order to provide a secure mail experience, our email service can now only be accessed in the United States and Canada. In the event that you’ll be traveling and need access to your email, please connect to our VPN or submit a ticket to request access while you’re away.

Backup Service

A new backup service is rolling out that enables users to backup their Mac, Windows or Ubuntu device.

Currently this service is in beta. Information about setup can be found online here.

*This service will require special provisioning.

Device Management Updates

In an effort to continue to focus on services that are more important to our clients, we will be discontinuing Device Management for computers.

We will continue to utilize the service for those who wish to use it for their mobile devices.

Any computers currently monitored by Cyber-Link will be released from our systems September 29th.

NextCloud updates

Storage update

In an effort to continue to improve our services and better meet the demands of our customers, users storage will be downgraded from 100GB down to 50GB of storage.

This change will become effective September 12th.

Those who wish to keep their 100GB can do so by purchasing the additional storage space here.

New data management features

Effective September 11th, users can now request to have a copy of the data stored in NextCloud or request to have their data deleted from our servers.

Updates to our status page

We’re excited to announce some big changes to our status page to help keep users informed of downtime and maintenance even when our systems have lost connectivity.

This new service will also enable users to subscribe to downtime events and maintenance notifications.

This new service will operate on a new URL https://status.cyberlinkserver.net however, https://cyberlinkserver.net/status will still continue to function as long as our in house servers are online.

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