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Setup Backup – Ubuntu

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Cloud station can be used to backup your Mac, PC or Ubuntu computer.

This service requires special account provisioning for access. If you’re unable to access, please review Account provisioning for additional information.


Download client here

Once Cloud Station has been installed. Select Start Now

For the server address enter cyberlinkserver.net

Then, enter your network username and password. Make sure to check the Enable SSL data transmission encryption to ensure that your data remains secure even when using an insure Wi-Fi network.

Make sure to select the Not now option. This will ensure the greatest backup performance.

Next, select the folders you wish to backup. Please keep in mind that unless you’ve upgraded your storage, you only have 50GB of storage space available. Additional storage can be purchased here

The most commonly backup folders include the Desktop, Documents and Download folders. You may also wish to include Photos, Movies, Game save folders, ect. 

Once the folders you wish to backup have been checked, click the Select button next to Backup destination.

On this screen, simply click ok.

On this screen, simply click ok.

Your backup will now begin. Depending on the number of files to backup and the speed of your upload connection, this may take some time to complete. 

We recommend keeping your computer is connected to both power and Wi-Fi to allow for the sync to complete. 

The initial sync is always the longest. Future backups will likely just take a couple of seconds to complete.