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Device Management

What does device management do for computers?

  • Device management allows Cyber-Link to monitor your computer for potential issues such as a malicious application or application that requires an urgent update. We can also notify you in the event of any other potential problems on your device before it turns into a major issue such as low hard drive space
    • Device management also allows us to send network alert messages directly to your device even if you’re not signed into network messenger.
    • Lastly, in the event that you require remote support, we can send a request to view or control your display without the need for any additional software, codes or downloads.
      What does device management do for mobile devices?
  • Device management for mobile devices to track the location of your device (if desired) to locate a lost device, reset your device’s passcode (on eligible devices) or remotely lock it. It also provides us with the ability to push out new apps, and settings such as setting up an email or VPN account to Cyber-Link or a third party.

How do I add it to my computer?

How do I add it to my iPhone?

How do I add it to my Android?

  • If setting up a new device enter afw#memdm as the username to automatically add the required app
    • If your device is already set up, download the device management app here



  • In the app, select the scan QR option. Scan the code below







  • If the QR code fails or  you need to sign in manually enter the information below;

MDM Server Name: cyberlinkserver.net

MDM Server Port: 8383

Email ID: Your network email. Ex. yourname@cyberlinkserver.net










  • Last, log in using your network credentials and select personal device

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