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Add Printer

Setting up a printer with Cyber-Link is easy as ever with any device that you use!

Simply download the installer at https://cyberlinkserver.net/printer_setup


Check Balance

Check your balance to print at https://cyberlinkserver.net/papercut


Refill Balance

Need more credit to print? Simply contact Brandon at extension 2002


Transfer Balance

You can transfer your balance to another user if you wish. Simply log in to PaperCut at https://cyberlinkserver.net/papercut and select the Transfers option on the left-hand side.

Here you can enter the username you wish to transfer the balance to and the amount you wish to transfer




Print Using Web Interface

Unable to print from your device but need to print right away? No worries. Simply upload the file you’re trying to print at https://cyberlinkserver.net/papercut  and select Web print from the left-hand side.







Print Using iOS Device








Tap the share icon in the upper right hand corner. On the bottom row, slide over to “Print”.








Select the pages you want to print and the quanity. Then, click on the “Select Printer” option on top.









Select “cyber-printer”.









Enter your network credintals and as long as you have a balance on your account, your document will print.

Click here to check your balance.